Rank and Certification


Conflict Colorado has a unique ranking system. A first time player is always a new recruit or E-0. If a player decides to formally join the ranks of Conflict Colorado, he or she will become E-1 rank after their first Standard Deployment or 2 Quick Deployments. From there experience is added each time you play based on the missions, time and performance.

Conflict Colorado’s ranking system starts at E-1 and moves through E-10. Each promotion comes with a custom rank insignia denoting your position. Higher ranks offer command ability, access to new weapons, and new missions.


Conflict Colorado has weapons from 8 different countries. Certification in one weapon from a single country earns a soldier that country’s mini-flag. Full certification in all that country’s weapons earns a soldier country’s standard flag patch.

There are also certifications for successful engagement of various positions and support roles such as rifleman, machine gunner, sniper, medic, and demolition to name a few.

There are always growth opportunities to learn new skills and separate yourself as the unique and well-trained soldier that we know you can be.