Quick Deployment



Quick Missions & Basic Training

Quick mission deployments are a great way to get involved with our outdoor combat system. They are great for parties, team-building events, and groups. We customize your deployment based upon your group’s age, fitness, and experience. Our goal is to get you familiar with the weapons, tactics, and your mission.

Your Quick Mission or Basic Training deployment will consist of a 90 minute session. During that time you will check in, where you will be separated into your teams. The two teams will then receive their respective briefings, weapon demonstration and selection, as well as any additional gear such as the tac-comm units.

Maps & Locations

The core of your adventure are the game locations and battlefield maps. You can check out or core locations here with more coming. Want us to come to you? That’s no problem either. Learn more about our mobile battlefield. And the maps themselves? Well, just like a real battlefield, they are dynamic with changing areas, obstacles, and objectives, giving you a new experience every time you play.

Food & Drink

Want your party, group, or event to be complete? We can provide lunch or dinner after your event, featuring one of our outstanding on-site chefs. We know that in venues of this type, the food is marginal at best. We want your culinary experience to be just as great as the rest of your experience, so inquire about how we can complete your meal. In either case, drinks will be available before or after your event if desired, too. Just let us know what you need.


What To Bring