Kickstarter – Coming Soon!

We’re Almost There!

We hope everyone enjoyed the haunted house this Halloween. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it  a success as well as those who stopped by to visit. It was great setting it up, and next year be prepared for something more, not to mention a month long Zombie Hunt! (As long as the Kickstarter goes through, but I know it will with all of your help). Please like us on Facebook at, so you can get updates as to the official launch of the Kickstarter. Check back on this page as well, because we will upload some of the great pictures from the haunted house.

Preview of Things to Come

Check out our custom made boonie hat, fabricated right here in the US by a US Veteran owned & operated company, Hawk Distributors. Talk about a great company with attention to detail, not to mention invaluable military experience, they are a thrill with which to work.  This was one of the preliminary designs, as the final is being finalized and fabricated as we speak. We are excited about this hat which mixes functionality, performance, and durability, not to mention it looks great. It features a hidden pocket at the top, just in case. It’s made of mil-spec 500 denier fabric in the four Pencott patterns: Greenzone (shown here), Badlands, Sandstorm, and Snowdrift. It will be available in five sizes ranging from junior to X-Large. If you have never seen this pattern before, it is one of the most fantastic camp patterns we have ever seen, especially Snowdrift, the hands down best winter camo pattern.outdoor audio video

  • Mil-spec fabric means military quality, the absolute best
  • Four camo patterns: Greenzone, Badlands, Sandstorm, and Snowdrift
  • Two styles: Standard(shown) and Sniper with extra venting and paracord for extra concealment
  • Sizes: Junior, S, M, L, XL
  • Hidden pocket underneath to store small items.
  • High Performance & Durable
  • Boonie style does a great job of keeping you dry during rain

So what is Conflict Colorado?

So for all the new people just learning about us, Conflict Colorado is the premier outdoor combat simulation in Colorado. It is the perfect mix between fun and realism, using military grade laser weapons. For those that were able to visit, hopefully you were able to take a quick look. Feel free to stop by or call with any questions. Why laser weapons you may ask? We love this weapons system for a variety of reasons.

  • Incredible accuracy since it shoots a beam of light
  • No pain or or bodily injury since there is no projectile unlike paintball or airsoft
  • No eye damage because the light is beyond the human visual range
  • Incredible range, up to 900 feet, due to the concentration and amplification of the beam
  • Almost impossible to cheat. Once you are dead, your weapon ceases to function
  • Military grade weaponry, makes the experience completely unique especially compared to other laser tag venues.
  • Four different weapon classes:
  • The unique combination of above allows for mission types to play almost exactly like their video game counterparts.
  • Nothing says business like a sniper rifle with a large scope
  • Can simulate over 60 weapons, each one with unique sounds, rate of fire, and reload times.


Where is it?

Gameplay will be in several places because there will be multiple ways to come and play.

  • Gameplay area over 300,000 acres and counting!
  • State of the art laser weaponry with zoom and red dot scopes.
  • Four different weapon classes.
  • Weapon range up to 900 feet with laser accuracy, pun intended.
  • Using infrared technology, you don’t have to be a special ops marksman, but you have to aim well.
  • Four different weapon classes
  • Different gameplay experience every time.
  • Learn tactics, communication skills, and teamwork
  • Ultra-realistic props make nearly limitless mission types.


“We were able to try out the weapons for a couple hours with some friends. It was night at the time, and the muzzle flash added a whole dimension to the suspense.”-John C.

What else makes it different?

Conflict Colorado is all about teamwork. There is no individual scoring or rewards. Win as a team. Die as a team. It’s that simple. It gives both success and failure more impact and more motivation to succeed. It’s incredibly fun, and yet still has a learning component from teamwork, laser tag bomb propto tactical communication, plus map and scenario tactics and strategy. It’s different every time because the maps and missions change constantly, which brings us to the other main thing that makes us different: how and where you play.

Quick Missions

Basic missions get you a quick fix. Play multiple missions for 90 minutes. It may not sound like much, but these are large outdoor maps up to 5 acres, so there is a lot of running around. Basic mission style is great for parties and corporate getaways too.

laser tag denver

And time can be added for parties that want a slightly longer experience.

Mobile Missions

Mobile missions is where the action comes to you. If you have the space, we can bring our mobile battlefield right to you. Have the space but not the cover? Don’t worry! Depending upon the experience you want, we can create temporary structures, bunkers, and walls right at your location. If you were at the haunted house this year, you saw a pretty large sample of what it can look like.

Campaign Missions

This is the true meat of Conflict Colorado. The two main reasons we have so much area is, as a long time video game fanatic, maps are everything. As incredible as our experience is, for veterans playing a LOT, eventually maps get old. Not here! The other reason is the campaign itself. As the campaign evolves, different missions will occasionally call for different venues, different terrain, and different obstacles. This will be an experience like none other. Think of it like a sports league, such as hockey, where you play each week, but on a whole different level. We are also testing the idea of the “casual campaign,” where you can jump in at your convenience. Missed a mission? No problem. Just wait for it to be played again and join then. Think of it like recording your favorite series on your DVR, and playing it back at your convenience.

Endurance Missions

Ninety minutes isn’t long enough? Try a half day or full day for an exhaustingly fun time.

Weekend Missions

There will be a couple times a year, we offer overnight missions. Come play for the day AND into the night for an incredible time. Camp overnight. Everything will be set up for you, so all you have to do is show up, shoot your friends or colleagues, eat and have fun.

Special Ops Missions

Special Ops missions are extra locations that happen only once or twice a year. A perfect example will be the Zombie Hunt, which will take place in a creepy location for a limited time. You will be able to check our calendar for Special Ops missions and locations. It will always be an experience that you won’t want to miss.


And here’s a preview of the live combat promo for Kickstarter. Let us know what you think at, thanks for watching, and we look forward to seeing you soon!!!