Denver Team Building

Team building exercises for Denver, as well as the north and south Metropolitan areas is our primary mission. We offer a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you come to us at one of several battlefields, or we come to you to set up at your location, you are guaranteed an outstanding learning and growing experience as well as a great time.

The Game

Square off against divisions, branches, or any other separation that makes sense for your organization. On one hand you can take out some frustrations on your co-workers in a safe environment. On the other hand, work together as a team to complete your objectives. As you play through the day you will experience different mission structures, each one offering a different opportunity to communicate properly, work together, and succeed (or lose) as a team. Take advantage of individual strengths by strategizing how best to achieve your objective (or stop the other team for achieving theirs). Welcome to Conflict Colorado: Live Combat…Evoloved.outdoor audio video

  • Fun for men and women, as there are no projectiles
  • A cardio as well as cerebral experience
  • Multiple weapons styles
  • Multiple mission types and objectives
  • Can be customizable to your company and/or event
  • Safe – No visible laser means eye safe

Optional Scoring

You may have seen other laser tag venues, pumping techno music, sporting frenetic action, where at the end you see a scoreboard as to which individuals were the best… and the worst. Conflict Colorado does not believe in individual scoring. There is no end scoreboard. Win as a team. Lose AS a team. Just like your organization, one person can’t do it all. And if they are, then you will quickly find that you are extremely unbalanced for any long term progress and success. Need an example? Look at the Indianapolis Colts after Peyton Manning was gone. They went from 10-6, an already admitted poor season compared to the previous seven! The next year they were 2-14.

outdoor audio video

Know Your Role

Every role is important in any organization from the CEO to management to sales to even the janitorial crew. Each has a specific function, and any function not firing on all cylinders will have collateral effects on other areas. Conflict Colorado has different roles as well. Whether you are playing an offensive role, a support role, or even a medic, any one role not performing up to par can have devastating results on the outcome. Games will give great opportunities to recognize and tune leadership roles to help each team work as a unit and be successful.

Communication is Key

Knowing your role doesn’t help much without strong communication between team members. Combat, just like the real world, is a fluid, ever-changing environment where the only constant IS change. Communicating important information between teammates is vital to success. Using Conflict Colorado’s tactical communication gear, players can maintain contact with the entire team, while never lowering their weapons and becoming defenseless.

Great Exercise and Fun!

There’s something special that happens once players get those weapons in their hands, and the scenario starts. A new, almost animalistic, adrenalin-induced nature takes over. But this new feeling takes discipline, another team building facet. A lot happens, and depending on the map size, some of action is fast and furious, and some of the action is methodical and deliberate. What’s for sure? Running and walking. A LOT of running and walking. You won’t even realize how much you have been moving around until the end when you are completely exhausted. But cardio activity has NEVER been this much fun!

Mission Types and Customization

Mission types will depend on your specific venue, and every event is a little different than the last. The mission structure will be customized to your event, depending on the size of play area, the availability of existing cover or introduction of mobile cover and buildings. Depending upon your needs, we can go further and customize the event to match the attending personnel. We want to give you a unique experience, so you will think of us every time you have an event, not to mention recommend us to others you know.