Denver Birthday Parties

Parties for Adults

Dinner and drinks planned with some friends….again? It’s time for something different. You are never too old to enjoy Conflict Colorado birthday party. Invite family, friends, or both for an event none of you will soon forget. Use our calendar, call or email us to reserve your spot for the most memorable birthday party since you were a kid. teen birthday partyHave you been driving your kids to birthday events all around Denver? Well, now it’s your time! You can start with something simple, consisting of a few different missions for you and your friends, or we can create a truly custom mini-campaign exclusively for you on your Day. With our realistic military grade weapons, this isn’t your kid’s laser tag. Communicate with the rest of your team using our tactical communication system. Work together as a team to achieve victory. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, as we will keep you up to date on upcoming events, so you always know what’s going on. adult birthday partyYou can also follow us on Twitter and see some of the action on YouTube. Just click one of the handy buttons at the top of the page.

Something Unique

We have taken the best of video games and live combat like paintball and airsoft to create a something incredibly fun and unique. Offering the largest array of outdoor battlefields in the country, you are certain to have a different experience every time you join us.

Parties for Young Adults

Is your son or daughter a fan of video games? Is Call of Duty almost a lifestyle? Get them out of the house and onto a real live battlefield. Using state of the art laser weapons, tactical comm systems and unique battle props, they will have a birthday party they won’t soon forget.
teen birthday party denver

Live Combat…Evolved
Where Teamwork Rules the Day